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So there I am in Atlanta, shooting a couple of spots for the Georgia Lottery. I'm working with an art director who says his name is Jerry, but I swear he looks exactly like Wilford Brimley. Just to make sure he's not, I ask where there's a good place to eat. Without hesitating, he mentions Spiced Right Bar-B-Que. I gotta try this place.

So we get in Jerry's car and, instead of heading over to the location for the tech scout, we drive way the heck out of town. So far out of town that I'm beginning to wonder whether Jerry's going to hang a left into the woods and teach me a lesson for making all those Quaker Oats comments or something.

Way out on Highway 29, in a place called Lilburn -- which Jerry swears is still in Georgia, but I gotta figure just barely -- there it is. Spiced Right Championship Quality Bar-B-Que. Multi award-winning, though they never do mention just what awards they're talking about. And it's boring. At least to look at.

A sign inside boasts that they serve "Some of Georgia's best," which, as an advertising professional, you have to appreciate for its sheer humility. And honesty, as it turns out.

They've got an all-you-can-eat lunch special for something like $4.95, which you can't beat. Unless you're a vegetarian, which my DP happens to be -- or at least was, until he comes across a hunk of pork in the baked beans.

Five trips to the buffet later, we're all beginning to wonder whether they can't just do the tech scout without us. And they probably could. But professional obligation gets the best of us and we head back to Atlanta.

The spots, by the way, turn out pretty good. Some of Georgia's best. -- Brian

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