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How about that new Janus Funds campaign from FCB/San Francisco? Finally, financial advertising that doesn't make you want to bang your head against a wall. Directed by Mark Coppos, type design by Jay Vigon.

Marshall Twinam/Creative Director

Tracy-Locke/DDB Needham, Dallas

While there's no huge idea here, the simplicity goes a long way to remove the specter of investing: a compelling message, nice, simple sound design and an interesting, slightly offbeat voiceover. The 12 angry little men who live in my head-the jury-remain out on how I feel about the type, though.

Stephen P. Gill/Copywriter

Mullen Advertising, Wenham, Mass.

Ouch. Puns (shudder). God, how I yearn for advertising that doesn't resort to puns. In general, the spots feel right for Janus. The typography lends a certain '90s hipness to the service. The direction and voiceovers are engaging, but with such a simple premise, why did three of the four spots have to resort to cheap puns? Don't tell me about how investing can drive me nuts and then show nuts rolling across the screen. Please. Couldn't you come up with anything better?!

Mark R. Fenske/ACD

McCann-Erickson, New York

Most financial advertising is so dry and inaccessible that you need a CPA just to translate it for you. Or it's so stupid and cheesy that it's angering to watch (Dreyfus lion meets Wall Street bull). These spots not only shatter the mode for financial advertising, they freshly communicate the simplicity of investing in Janus funds, both through the message and the execution itself. I only wish the rest of the campaign treated the puns as subtly as the chicken spot does.

Charlie Callahan/Senior Copywriter

Periscope, Minneapolis

Categories like mutual funds seem to intimidate the average ham-and-egger on the street, so the simple approach of these spots makes sense. And although the chicken and some of the other references come right from the Adobe clichemaker, the type and visuals work well together to make the message interesting and easy

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