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FCB/San Francisco for Excite, directed by Jeffery Plansker of Propaganda Films, with "Are You Experienced?" to sell a Web search engine. If Hendrix could sing "Start Me Up," he'd come back and choke to death on his own vomit all over again.

Greg Brown, Art Director, Elgin DDB/Seattle

The spots are well crafted. The editing is some of the best I've seen. If you don't surf the Net but are interested in it, this plethora of kaleidoscopic imagery looks intimidating as hell. If you currently surf, you're sophisticated enough to know that you haven't been offered anything new. Worst of all, while I was watching these spots, a couple of my co-workers walked by and commented, "Oh, new Microsoft spot?"

I see Bill Gates' house every day when I cross the 520 bridge. Someone please tell that Mr. Gates is rich enough already and there's no need to run these spots.

Cathy Ostlie, Copywriter, Martin/Williams, Minneapolis

If I've got this straight, when I find the Excite Web site, Jimi Hendrix and I will "hold hands and watch the sun rise from the bottom of the sea," and then I'll be able to find whatever I'm looking for in cyberspace. That is, if I can just get my "mind together." I guess if you've got a client in the online service/networking/

computer hardware/software industry with a lot of money, then it's your job to find a song by a famous boomer artist and slap it over some symbolic images to create the big idea. Pretty soon we're gonna run out of songs that work. On second thought, seems like we already have.

Like the logo. They shoulda made it bigger.

Peter Van Bloem, Copywriter, McCann-Erickson/New York

Damn. I really wanted to like these spots. Jimi Hendrix music. Cool product. Cutting-edge industry. But I don't. They're too confusing. Like, what's up with having to be experienced to use this software? And what's going on with the Hellraiser-like Rubiks Cube visuals? Kinda thought browser software might make it easier to surf the net. This one, apparently, doesn't. Keep it simple, Chumley.

David Hanneken, Creative Director, Hoffman York & Compton, Milwaukee

You know that strange sound effect a cartoon character makes after getting hit really hard on the head? The one where he sits there, half stunned by the blow and shakes his head violently from side to side? It sounds like, I-e, I-e, I-e, I-e, I-e, only really fast. Well, I made that sound after watching these two Microsoft, um, Excite spots. Call me crazy, but I watched them several times and still didn't get it. What's Excite? What's for sale? On the bright side, the editing was awesome. Unfortunately an idea was painfully nowhere to be found.

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