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Client: Kia

Agency: McKinney & Silver

Director: Bob Giraldi, Giraldi Suarez Productions

Forget about the Teutonic test tracks and desert rallies. Test your Kia on the streets of Manhattan. Put your Kia car in the hands of taxi driver Suhans Kafka, a Remy Julienne for the '90s, who will take us on a death defying tour of the world's most dangerous city to underscore Kia's well-made car positioning. Congratulations to the agency for a beautifully conceived executional platform that's big enough to support an entire campaign, and for convincing Kia to go with an inspired, although probably less than client-friendly, casting decision. One note: the taxi cab test idea stands on its own without a need for comparison to Toyota.

Client: Mita

Agency: Lord Dentsu & Partners/New York

I've been living with my head in the sand. I never realized that by saving copier supervision time I might teleport myself into an idyllic windswept Celtic golf heaven, where my copier, a la Kubrick's monolith, would stand in attendance-to monitor my putting or to distract the errant puffin lest he deposit guano on the green. Forget about competitive comparisons or realistic evocations of the time-saving benefit. Just beef up the media schedule so people know the truth.

Client: Diesel

Agency: Paradiset DDB Needham/Stockholm

Director: Johan Camitz, Mod Film, Stockholm

The way to the fashion cognoscenti's collective pocketbook is through their smart and cynical hearts. It's a direct hit. The product's linchpin is a nerdy white detective's plan to go undercover in a black neighborhood to spy on a client's significant other. This spot defies category conventions of slickness and pretense and pokes gentle and neutralizing fun at racial sensitivities while sending up the fashion industry's lurid preoccupation with sex. Like their "Guide to Successful Living" print campaign, this is truly brilliant.

Client: Children's Defense Fund

Agency: Fallon McElligott By the time a child makes the decision that a gun might be a purposeful addition to his everyday equipage, he's immune to kumbaya sentimentality.

It's a truth that this campaign smartly acknowledges by expending its persuasive energy against those who inspire our youth toward violence or the resistance thereof-parents. The premise is that you can help your kids develop a world view that precludes the violent solution. The tone is appropriately understated and the execution resonates with wisdom. This smart, long-view communication deserves the consistent commitment of the client.

Client: Oldsmobile Aurora

Agency: Leo Burnett

Director Live Action: Bob Giraldi, Giraldi Suarez Productions Special Effects: Mark Voelpel, R/Greenberg Associates, New York

Let's spend hundreds of thousands of dollars animating the Statue of Liberty as national icon cum sheet-metal admirer to support the compelling strategic platform that Aurora is the sedan "that's catching America's eye." OK.

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