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Client: L.A Cellular

Agency: BBDO/West

When we first saw this campaign, we thought it was a clever and fresh way to illustrate a product advantage. One day at lunch, though, a giant letter E fell from the sky and lodged itself into Izzy's head. When the bleeding stopped, we reconsidered our opinion. Now we think it's just plain dangerous.

Client: Land Rover

Agency: Grace & Rothschild

Director: Henry Sandbank, Sandbank Productions

We both like these spots. One features a ballerina who breaks a cinder block with her head, the other has an Eskimo who gets lost in the desert. They're simple, effective and charming. But we spent hours looking at them both forward and backward. We tried, but we can't figure out how they got a 1997 model into a 1972 commercial.

Client: Obsidian

Agency: Ground Zero

Director: Rocky Morton, Morton Jankel Zander

When we first saw this spot, for a CD-ROM game, we thought we were watching some Eastern European student film festival on the Independent Movie Channel: A weird guy is nervously chopping a tomato, and when an egg falls off his kitchen counter he cracks like Humpty Dumpty. Neither of us subscribe to that service, though, and our immediate reaction was, "Great, free movies." This may be the highest compliment we can give a commercial.

Client: Winston

Agency: Mezzina/Brown

Being vegetarians, we found this "No Bull" campaign appealing. For years we've been considering taking up smoking, but were reluctant because of all those weird rumors about beef by-products being incorporated in the rolling process adhesive stuff. Thanks for clearing this up. Unfortunately, this particular cigarette advertisement suffers from what all cigarette advertising suffers from-it's advertising cigarettes.

Client: Fox NHL hockey

Agency: Tool of North America

Director: Scott Burns, Tool of North America

We liked the movie. We liked the TV show. We liked the commercial. Compared to most television tune-in promos, this one is more than just a clip from the upcoming event. It is an effective use of Messier's and Gretzky's personalities. Then again, we've always kinda been suckers for parodies.

Client: Diet Snapple

Agency: FCB/Chicago

Directors: Ron Lazzeretti and Rino Liberatore, Two Olives

All that's missing is Wendy.

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