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Vice Chairmen/Co-Creative Directors

Ammirati Puris Lintas

New York

Client: Advanced Micro Devices

Agency: Hill Holliday/Boston

Director: Sam Bayer, HSI

Mephistopheles captures a handsome secret agent and his beautiful girlfriend in an Austin Powers parody. He laughs. Nobody can stop him now. Only his PC crashes and his evil master plan falls apart. This is good. Until we learn that the new AMD K6 MMX-enhanced microprocessor would have let Mephistopheles get away with it. This is bad. What if there actually is an AMD K6 MMX? And should the secret agent be hugging the girl? She's very happy, but is this any time for hanky-panky?

Client: Parfums de Coeur's Unruly

Agency: World's Smallest Ad Agency

Director: Dewey Nix

The pretty girl is driving down the highway, the kind of girl you usually see only on TV, only you feel like you can really talk to her, too. There's this song playing: "I'm unruly. I go my own way. I know what I want. All my life I've been unruly." She meets four guys, one after another, and everybody smiles a lot because she's so friendly, and the slogan says: "Unruly. Life without limits." Though we don't use perfume ourselves, we would certainly consider Unruly if we did, because there's a part of us that really likes making new friends.

Client: Best Western

Agency: BBDO West/Los Angeles

Director: Carlton Chase, Ritts Hayden

We see two nice bellhops pushing a big comfy bed through the streets of Manhattan, but nobody pays much attention because New York's a big town where anything can happen. Anyway, it's good to know there's a Best Western in New York, and even better, that it's "across the street from ordinary." It's comforting to know that ordinary is never very far away and that we won't have to walk far if we start to miss it.

Client: Kodak Advantix

Agency: Ogilvy & Mather/New York

Director: Joe Pytka, Pytka

We take a lot of pictures ourselves, so we were glad to learn of a camera as advanced as the new Kodak Advantix system. In three commercials, we meet: one lady who went to Paris for the trip of a lifetime, only her camera cut her head off; two young parents who have trouble finding a negative in time to win a contest; and a nice young man who meets a girl in Venice and takes her picture, but he loads the film wrong. But that won't happen to us. We have been warned, and you don't have to tell us twice.

Client: HBO

Agency: BBDO/New York

Director: Joe Pytka, Pytka

All across America, televisions are going on. Then they're going off. We hear disappointed Awwwwwww's, then happy Yeahhhhh's. Why is this happening? Well, there's an HBO lineman who keeps connecting two little wires, then separating them. His partner says, "Riley, you're one sick, sadistic puppy." We really enjoyed this one.

Client: Rockport

Agency: Kirshenbaum Bond & Partners

Director: Ramaa Mosley, Johns & Gorman Films

There's this casual kind of guy in shorts riding a skateboard. Everything's very relaxed, as we find out -- via supers -- that his name is Reverend Stephen Snook and that he's comfortable breaking stereotypes. Turns out this is for Rockport, who advise us to, "Be comfortable. Uncompromise. Start with your feet." Conveys a neat feeling. And the music is terrific. Certainly breaks the stereotype of

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