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Chief Creative Officer

BBDO/West, Los Angeles

Client: Carl's Junior

Agency: Mendelsohn/Zien

Director: Jeff Gorman, Johns & Gorman

This spot features two burnt-out old hippies. An interviewer asks how they invented the lava lamp. In a flashback sequence, we see their younger selves devouring burgers because they have the munchies. The sauce accidentally drips into the goldfish bowl on the table, coagulating into lava-like balls. The hippies look at each other and say, "Cool," a funny bit that brings the campaign to a new level. I hope the agency continues along this path.

Client: Reactor jeans

Agency: In-house

Diesel ads parody American life with hilarious results. These ads parody Miller Lite and Miller Genuine Draft (among other) ads with confusing results. I don't get the connection or where it goes from there.

Client: National Discount Brokers

Agency: Earle Palmer Brown/New York

Director: Tom DeCerchio, HSI

We see a bed covered in luxurious satin sheets. Legs are moving around suggestively underneath the sheets as we hear a woman moaning with pleasure. The camera reveals that the woman is, in actuality, having fun trading stocks on her laptop computer. I like a sexy commercial as much as anyone, but this is a bit gratuitous for my blood.

Client: Nike

Agency: Wieden & Kennedy

Director: Michel Gondry, Partizan

As brilliant and extraordinary an agency as Goodby is, I still can't imagine why Nike would pull a single dollar of billings away from Wieden when it consistently delivers work like this. The campaign features a guy I think I've read about-he's sort of a basketball coach/philosopher from Harlem who, if I'm not mistaken, is in a wheelchair because he was shot. He's incredibly charismatic and captures the soul of the game in a way you've always felt but couldn't articulate. Stunning art direction, too.

Client: Long John Silver's

Agency: Jordan McGrath Case & Taylor

Director: Noam Murro, HKM

Neat job of making you think this is an aspirational "There is no finish line" Nike or Reebok running spot. We see the runner and hear his VO: "They say I run because I want to keep my edge . . . because there's a younger guy waiting to take my place. Why do I run? Because there's a $1.99 chicken sale at Long John Silver's and my car broke down." A well-produced and conceptual retail commercial.

Client: Lee jeans

Agency: Fallon McElligott

Director: Alan White, Radical Media

Fallon has done outstanding work for Lee for years and continues to do so with this commercial for carpenter-style dungarees. This spot starts off by celebrating the laborers of the industrial age, "who carried on their backs the promise of a better world . . . who took pride that their sweat and muscle built the country we call America." We see a beautiful collage of factory workers and guys building skyscrapers. At the end of the spot, one of the workers walks by in boxer shorts. The announcer says, "Well, we went back and stole their pants."

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