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Kathy Delaney, Executive VP-Creative Director, Deutsch Inc. New York

Client: Polaroid

Agency: Leonard Monahan

This campaign encourages people to fight abuse by documenting it. "The act is indefensible. So is the evidence," it reads. They could have stopped there, but they also educate people in a real tangible way on how to look for signs of abuse and steps you can take if someone you know is being abused. It's great that the company is putting forth such valuable information. I just wish the logo was a little smaller.

Client: Keds

Agency: FCB/San Francisco

I like the idea that Keds are meant to be worn. But executionally, while we ad types might find the visual interpretation interesting, I'm not sure the average consumer cares how Keds are "seen by Albert Watson."

Client: Nike

Agency: Goodby Silverstein & Partners

Director: Baker Smith, Tate & Partners

A hilarious and thought provoking spot. Two tennis-playing suburban couples are being chased off a court late at night by an abusive cop. As one of the terrified couples tries to scale a fence to get away, supers pose the question, "What if all athletes were treated the way we treat skateboarders?" Who says one form of athleticism is better than another? Brilliant spot.

Client: Southwestern Bell

Agency: Goodby Silverstein & Partners

Director: Peter Care, Satellite

One spot in this campaign depicts a family being intentionally interrupted at dinner by a group of sadistic telemarketers. In another, Professor Bell receives his very first phone call on his new invention from a long-distance carrier inviting him to switch services. These funny, over-the-top re-enactments really speak to a truth we've all had to deal with from phone companies. This campaign reminds us that something has gone "terribly wrong" with the industry, and that Southwestern Bell, your "friendly neighborhood global communications company," intends to set it right. And, apparently, interrupting me at dinner is not part of their plan.

Client: United Airlines

Agency: Fallon McElligott

Director: Tony Scott, RSA/USA

A nice campaign. It's refreshing for an airline to walk right into the three big negatives of flying-bad food, inexplicable delays and unempathetic employees-and honestly address them. The approach is unusual as well, with each spot using a different executional technique to get its point across. And not one smiling

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