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Client: Coca-ColaAgency: CAA

Director: Jeff Gorman, Johns & Gorman Films

A robust man doing yard work gets so dehydrated he literally turns into skin and bones then returns to his robust self after sucking down a Coke. I can't say I think it's great. I can't say I don't like it. It's weird, or some may say kind of sick. Coke has certainly developed a unique style with these kinds of commercials. I have to give them credit for at least trying to be different, but I still think Pepsi is doing a better job of advertising.

Client: Edy's

Agency: Goldberg Moser O'Neill

Director: Bob Giraldi, Giraldi SuarezProductionsVisual Effects: R/GreenbergAssociates

This spot should be required viewing for anyone interested in creating memorable and effective advertising. When Baby hears that Mommy is offering up some Edy's ice cream, Baby goes into a dance routine that would put Michael Jackson to shame. It's hilarious. I found myself watching this spot over and over again. If you haven't seen it, get a copy.


Client: First Interstate

Agency: Hal Riney & Partners/San Francisco

For me, bank advertising generally falls into two categories. The kind that is just as boring as banking itself, and the kind that attempts to dispel stodginess by being funny, even wacky. The trouble with the first kind is that nobody pays attention to it. The trouble with the second, although entertaining, is that nobody wants to entrust their life savings to a bunch of goofs. The First Interstate campaign strikes a nice balance. The photography is fun, the layout is sophisticated and the writing is personable and approachable. It all works together beautifully. The "You & I" signoff is a nice touch. I hope the bank can live up to this advertising.

Gary Topolewski

Managing Partner-in-Charge, Executive Creative Director


Client: Rayovac Agency: FCB/Leber Katz Partners, New York Director: Rocky Morton, Morton Jankel Zander

Even the best-known personality in the world couldn't help this spot. You would think that in this day and age we would have learned that fancy production values, the latest special effects or, in this case, Michael Jordan cannot replace a solid advertising idea. It's sad. Michael talks about things that need batteries. Very boring. It's a far cry from how Nike used him.

Client: Sauza

Agency: Cliff Freeman & Partners

Whoa! Talk about impact. These ads are simply stunning. Even the words have as much power as the visual: Lick. Shoot. Bite. With this type of subject matter, it's difficult to stay out of the "now that we've got your attention" category. This campaign is miles from it. It's beautifully crafted, sensual and, most importantly, it has an idea that's wrapped in the product. It must have been a fun shoot.

Client: Sony Agency: HHCC

Other than the vivid yellow and blue colors, this ad is lifeless. The headline struggles to be clever. The copy is amateurish. The big problem is that it lacks an idea. It doesn't elicit an emotion, like a smile or a surprise. That's

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