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Client: A&W

Agency: Messner Vetere Berger McNamee Schmetterer

Director: Graham Henman, HKM Productions

It's not a good sign for a spot when you know the ending after the first five seconds. Exaggeration is great, but only if it stems from a product truth. I might walk a mile for a Camel, but 471 for a root beer? Advice for the creatives: For inspiration watch the frothy Mel Torme spot for Mountain Dew.

Client: Ariens Agency: Hoffman York & Compton

These lawnmower ads are so good I can almost smell the grass clippings. They make my nose run and my eyes water. They look and feel as tough as the product is supposed to be, and win the award for the tagline of the month: "The best from start to finish."

Client: Campari

Agency: Mullen Advertising

It's always unfortunate when the best part of a painting is the frame. The 'I'm cooler than thou' strategy doesn't capture the essence of the product, and the ad leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Wait a minute-maybe it does capture the product after all.

Client: EDS Agency: Goldsmith/Jeffrey

Director: Noam Murro, HKM Productions

This stunning showcase of the less is more Goldsmith/Jeffrey school of advertising has the best sound design I've ever heard and demonstrates just how powerful restraint (what's that?) can be.

The spots convey the simple beauty and purity of cycling and feature sharp, biting copy with lines like "If these guys had a newspaper route, man, they could make a lot of money." Best of all, I finally understand what EDS does. They're into cycling.

Client: Mistic

Agency: Krimstein Clapps

Director: Todd Korgan, Zooma Zooma

I don't mind obvious humor, even dumb stupid stuff as long as it makes me laugh. I remember reading that agencies pitching the Mistic business were told by the client not to use mystics in the creative. I wish this agency had listened. Fruitopia, where are you?

Client: Subway

Agency: Hal Riney/Heartland

Director: Mark Story, Crossroads Films

How can you not like a spot that uses the line "The good people at Subway, the fastest growing restaurant chain in the world" and gets away with it?

This series, featuring two New York cabbies visiting Subway restaurants all over the world, is fun with copy like, "You can keep it pure or decorate the thing like a rec room." Now there's a line I wish I wrote. By the way, did I mention

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