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It's not easy keeping up with Goodby Silverstein and Sega, which is why we must conclude that Leo Burnett and Nintendo have produced a spot that blows-major chunks. It's for a Super Mario World 2 game called Yoshi's Island, and we're to believe that the action is so overloaded with coolness that it raises the question, "How much is too much." Which is answered with a disgusting nod to Monty Python, as an enormous fat man in a restaurant stuffs himself to bursting, then does just that, throwing his gorge all over his fellow patrons with pants-popping propulsiveness, more or less oncamera. Like, napkin alert! "No More," as it's called, is all Burnett creatives are saying; the spot is apparently so gutsy that none of them wants to talk about it. Credits to CD/AD Bob Akers, writers Ned Crowley, Gary Doyle and Phil Raskin and producer Bob Carney; Crossroads Films' Bruce Hurwit directed, Jan Maitland at Edit Sweet edited.

On a less repulsive note, Atari's 64-bit Jaguar system, which is lowballed at $149, is lit up in a funny new spot from Ground Zero, Venice, Calif., in which a gamin' dude is wired up in the lab for brain research, bulbs dotting his head like an electric 'do. Meiert Avis of Windmill Lane Productions directed; agency credits to writer Michael Burdick, AD Patrick Plutchow, and co-CDs Kirk Souder and Court Crandall.

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