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Does it float like a butterfly? It's Deutsch for PromoFlor, it's a fat guy named Buzz in a bee costume getting all sticky about flowers, and it's directed by Deutsch CD Greg DiNoto through Jones Films, New York.

Russ Lamoureux, CopywriterFreelancer, San Diego These commercials glorify bees. Small children pick up bees thinking that they are friendly like Buzz. These helpless youngsters will be stung by the bees and their parents will sue PromoFlor.

That aside, I really like these spots. Buzz is funny, fresh, awkward, honest (for a guy dressed in a bee suit) and campaignable. I've got to go now-need to buy some flowers.

Azita Panahpour, Art DirectorMessner Vetere Berger McNamee Schmetterer, New York Obnoxious, yet quite a funny character (and well-cast). These spots certainly work. They get your attention and communicate the message. I just wish the scripts were funnier.

Mike Ancevic, Art DirectorHoffman York & Compton, Milwaukee The cheesy elevator music, the acting and '70s typography in the open and close are all great. I think they score big points for not taking themselves too seriously. But the dialogue could have been dialed up a few notches. Nevertheless, the idea of a grown man approaching me in a bee suit talking about flowers still scares me. A lot. But I guess it could be worse-it could have been Merlin Olsen in the suit.

Stuart D'Rozario, Art DirectorCole & Weber, Seattle These spots are so silly, I can't help but like them. Given the premise, though, I think some of them could

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