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It's about being brave, and it's about being chicken. Or something. It's Tyson's "And We're Chicken!" campaign from DDB Needham/Chicago. Directed by Boris Damast of Melody Films, L.A., tabletop by Peter Elliott of Peter Elliott Productions, Chicago.

Shalom Auslander/ACDTBWA Chiat/Day/New York This is a funny campaign. It has a funny voiceover. It has funny angles, no doubt arranged by a comedy director. It's also a bad idea in clown's clothing-it doesn't tell me anything, and it seems like someone got caught up with the word "chicken," which isn't the funniest word in the world when you consider words like "Shecky" and "Green." Perhaps the answer is to get out more-write more screenplays, play in local bands and get home before 7 to watch old "Simpsons" episodes. Your frame of reference will extend beyond awards shows, so that when someone says, "Hey, what about 'We're Chicken'!" you'll kick him.

Steve Whittier, Senior ADKarsh & Hagan, Denver If Tyson made chicken with as much of an involved production as these spots have, they would end up with some sort of goulash. And we all know what's in goulash. Well, actually we don't know, and that's the problem.

Andrew Payton, CopywriterTausche Martin Lonsdorf, Atlanta Are these chicken commercials great? No. Are these chicken commercials bad? No. But what do I know? Seriously, I'm just a guy who read too many comic books in college, and I'm sure that these guys did the best they could. Gosh only know how many unsophisticated and stingy clients, navel-obsessed accountniks and well-

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