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Samsung Electronics and New York's The Arnell Group sing I'm Too Sexy (For My Microwave) in this new print campaign. Photos by Peter Arnell.

Scott Vincent/Art DirectorFallon McElligott, Minneapolis I see beautiful, graphic images. I see gorgeous photography. I can even see a marketing strategy. There's just one thing I can't see. A concept.

Ian Cohen/CopywriterHammerquist & Saffel, Seattle In a typically boring, "This is our appliance, look at all its wonderful features" category, this "Simply Samsung" campaign is simply different. The use of b&w photography creates a unique look and appealing image for the product. But this is not

just a fashion ad. There is a simple yet important benefit here: Vegetables retain more vitamins when cooked in the microwave. Hmm, I never thought of microwaved food as being healthy.

Guess you learn something new everyday, huh?

Gary Pascoe/CopywriterThe Richards Group, Dallas Emily Jackson. I went to high school with her in Detroit. Man, was she good looking. She had this crazy European, artsy look. A total knockout.

There was only one problem, when she opened her mouth, she had nothing to say. The few things she did say sounded incredibly superficial, borderline idiotic. But we all stared at her anyway, hoping we could find more substance, but we never did.

Scott Bassen/Art DirectorFCB/Leber Katz Partners, NY Are they different? Yes. Are they intriguing? Yes. Are they elegantly designed? Yes. Would I laminate them? No.

These are nice looking layouts, but I don't know why I should buy Samsung's

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