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The Baileys "Yum" campaign, from Lowe & Partners/SMS, New York, isn't exactly the creme de la booze; it seems like everyone's givin' it the big lickin' finger.

Tom McLoughlin/CopywriterPedone & Partners, New York As a writer, I was instantly drawn to the copy. Why not "Yummy," instead of "Yum"? Maybe even "Mmm, mmm, good"? Of course, after studying the copy, one is left to ponder the visuals. Take out the Baileys logo and product shot and replace it with a piece of chicken and you've got finger lickin' good. Which is, I hope, not the effect they were going for. So while Baileys might be quite tasty on the rocks, I'm afraid these ads are not.

Susan Treacy/CopywriterMad Dogs & Englishmen, New York Alcohol has got to be a tough category-you can't say, "Gets you schnockered," or "You'll get some action," so there's not much left to say that people care about. These ads could have said something more pretentious or condescending than "Yum." And they could have shown something less relevant than people licking Baileys off their fingers.

But, I have to admit, I've seen these ads staring up at me from the back cover of some magazine on my coffee table, and that huge head with the oral fixation gave me the willies so bad that I tossed out the magazine.

Jim Lansbury/CopywriterGray Kirk Vansant, Baltimore Beautiful models, great photography, interesting headlines, cool type. At least that's what I thought I saw in the ice cubes. Too bad there's nothing like that to be found in the ads.

Curt Johnson/Art DirectorAmmirati & Puris/Lintas Baileys appears to be trying to create a more youthful, current image, which is fine, but there are better ways of doing it than a provocative photograph and "Yum." Liquor advertising is

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