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Now the People's Car has the People's Tag, thanks to Arnold Fortuna Lawner & Cabot in Boston. But, while we understand it's a Golf, not a Caddy, maybe they should cool their Jettas with all the Gen-X shtick. Danny Ducovny of Cucoloris Films directed.

Ryan Ebner, CopywriterButler Shine & Stern, Sausalito, Calif.

By cramming the entire strategy sheet into a :30 slot, the idea in this campaign got lost. They do way too much telling and not enough showing. Killer tag, though: "Drivers wanted." It's straightforward, honest, simple. It's unfortunate the client didn't let the other 27.3 seconds follow suit.

Jonathan Pepoon, Copywriter

BBDO/New York

Basically, this puts forth a "we're all becoming desensitized by technology, let's get back to the basics" theme. In the first few seconds, these spots feature people who are likable enough, but then launch into this frenzied mirage of cuts. Kind of leaves you going "whatwuzzat?" until the third or fourth viewing. Keep the music; keep the tag; lose the editor.

Moe VerBrugge, Art Director

Houston Effler Hampel & Stefanides, New York


Bob Volkman, ACD

Cramer-Krasselt, Chicago

What a great platform: Drivers wanted. How come I don't believe it? The Saturn and Jeep campaigns are so genuine; this one seems Gen Xy.

Volkswagen has such an interesting heritage and comes from a cool place, and yet I don't feel any of that. You could insert any car logo with these spots. And where I come from people don't shift gears smiling. They're too busy flipping

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