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As Forrest Gumby says, clay figures are like a box of chocolates-they melt in the sun. Which is by way of saying that Young & Rubicam/San Francisco and London's Aardman Animation charmingly remolded some British clay animation for Chevron-but the Originality Police got an anonymous tip, and now some reviewers want to throw 'em in the pokey.

Michael Ouweleen/Copywriter

Korey Kay & Partners, New York

Cute clay animation cars being interviewed on camera? I've never seen anything like it! (Unless, of course, you count the original short film "Creature Comforts," a British utilities ad campaign that's based on it and a Mita spot or two.)

Andy Sohn/Freelance

Copywriter, San Francisco

These spots ooze charm. "Intro" is the best-the animation is more complex and entertaining. Are the other two spots too similar to that electricity stuff of a few years ago? Perhaps, but no consumer in America is going to say, "These remind me of those British commercials I heard about but never saw." And so what if I still have no idea what Techron is? They're an oil company; I trust them.

Colin Costello/Copywriter

Geoffrey Edwards/Art Director

DDB Needham/Chicago

C'mon guys, this Chevron campaign is a blatant rip-off of the Electricity Association campaign. What we question most is how it came to be. Did the creatives simply open a One Show book and say, "Hey, this looks good. Let's copy it?"

Where's the originality? The imagination? The pride? It would be one thing to use the same animators (which they did), but the agency even went the extra mile and copied the voiceover deliveries. Of course, no one in the U.S. will realize

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