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Angotti Thomas Hedge goes the pretty animation route for Saab, but everybody's rubbernecking the jackknifed slogan. Directed by illustrator Jean-Philippe Delhomme of Speedy Films, London.

Doug Adkins/Copywriter

Hunt Murray, Minneapolis

Wait a minute. Is this not a car spot? What about the electrothermal hypopolymer voice-activated cup holders? What about the gear ratio in the windshield-wiper motor? How many two-toed sloths will fit comfortably in the back seat?

This is remarkably clean for a car commercial, but that simplicity is wasted on the idea that a Saab will help you "Find your own road"-the claim forced on us by everything from cameras to breath mints. It's a fresh execution and a stale concept.

Tyler Vogel/Senior Art Director

Woolward & Partners, S.F.

A car spot that isn't a gaggle of way too happy people enjoying their cars way too much is always a welcome respite in this loud category. I didn't know I was being sold cars for the first 20 seconds.

It's well-crafted and fun to watch, and, artistically, everything works. But in the end I wasn't closer to buying the product, and in Saab's version of a perfect world I'm sure they would have wished otherwise.

Kevin Diehl/Creative Director

Eye D Communications, Philadelphia

This Saab spot scores points for breaking the mold in auto advertising, but it's a weak knockoff of the Barneys New York campaign: The visuals and background music are aimed at linking Saab with consumers who aspire to be well-heeled, sophisticated and intelligent. There is whiny middle-aged boomer angst here, and the "Find your own road" tag allows this chap to be both a vacillating conformist and a rugged individualist-a lot of baggage for one car, no matter how roomy it is.

Cheryl Chapman/Copywriter

Dadni Harvey/Art Director

Saatchi & Saatchi/New York

After watching this Barneys-we mean Saab-spot a couple of times, we were able to ponder the copy. It's quite eloquent in its encouragement of individualism. Still, we can't help wonder why they want you to find your own road when

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