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"If the world comes to an end, there will still be a cockroach and a Swiss banker walking about." So says Neil French in an observation that somehow explains the concept of highminded stability behind an ultra literate TV campaign he directed for agency Advico Y&R in Zurich for Union Bank of Switzerland.

Each spot opens with a graphic that reads, "Thoughts that transcend time, from Union Bank." Then heroic, orchestral music starts to swell and famed British actors appear, reading from a selection straight out of the Great Books. There's Alan Bates reading Robert Frost, Sir John Gielgud reading Tennyson and Ben Kingsley reading Percy Bysshe Shelley.

"We didn't want to talk about money, that's crass," says French, who shot the campaign through Union Commercials in London. "We wanted to talk instead about the human condition." As for the highbrow nature of this appeal, French says,

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