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Sicialian with a twist. Not since Big Paul got it in front of Sparks steakhouse has Italian dining been so authentic. Monzu (Italian for chef) restaurant in New York's Soho combines the seemingly impossible - Sicilian food with French cooking techniques. This offers patrons, as the print ad suggests, the pleasures of "Sicilian, with a French twist." The victim is in a barber shop, by the way, not the restaurant.

CLIENT Monzu AGENCY Hampel/Stefanides CDS Larry Hampel & Dean Stefanides AD Kirk Mosel CW Judith Roth PHOTOGRAPHER Jim Salzano

So what did the copywriter do? Perfect shoes for the lower extremities. Snowboarders are so extremely cool, words can't describe them. So WongDoody's new print work for K2 shoes features copyless ads that contrast boarders with more conventional sports guys using icons, such as a baseball player's nuts vs. a boarder's brass balls. The ads not so subtly insinuate that boarders are butch and everyone else is, well, a pink poodle.

CLIENT K2 Sports AGENCY WongDoody/Los Angeles CD Tracy Wong AD Michael Ivan Boychuk CW Dean Saling PRODUCER Marianna Share

Unreal estate. Lowe and director Frank Todaro go over the top for Century 21, with the "A Perfect World" campaign. One spot features a world where the only bit of news anyone sees, hears, reads or talks about is that the Boyd house is for sale. Giggling girls compare the chapters they've read in the book; an Asian family gets all the info over their radio; and one woman even cancels her surgery because, "The Boyd's open house is on Saturday." The gist of it is, "If getting the word out about selling your house was this easy, you wouldn't need Century 21. Real Estate for a real world."

CLIENT Century 21 AGENCY Lowe & Partners/SMS, New York CCO Lee Garfinkel ECD Gary Goldsmith CGH/AD Mike Vitiello CGH/CW Eddie Van Bloem PRODUCER Liz Hodge DIRECTOR Frank Todaro, @RADICAL MEDIA EDITOR Mike Douglas, MacKenzie Cutler

Maybe they just need a wider lamp. Four new Ikea :15s from Deutsch make the case for new furniture fast. In "Hide-n-Seek," a little boy desperately searches for someplace to hide. When all the closets are full, he's stuck standing exposed behind a skinny lamp. In "Driving Home," a flustered hubby spits out "I . . . she . . ." to his pissed wife, who just rolls her eyes. The VO deadpans, "Time for a new sofa-bed?"

CLIENT Ikea AGENCY Deutsch, Inc, New York ECD Kathy Delaney GCD Cheryl Van Ooyen AD Lois Pyanowski CW Carolyn Oppenheimer PRODUCERS Guy Williams, Deutsch; Michael Bodnarchek, Lawrence Bender & Adam Stern, A Band Apart DIRECTOR Rent Sidon, A Band Apart EDITOR Dave Koza, MacKenzie Cutler POST Jay Tilin, Tape

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