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Great *&%@#! spot. Two kids are playing with their toys. Suddenly the little girl grabs the boy's robot. "Gimme that, dog breath." Then, "Let go freakazoid!" The argument escalates into more bleeped-out dialogue than Madonna used on Letterman. Mom just stands there wide-eyed. The super: "Ever run out of soap?" It's for an online health and beauty shopping service.

CLIENT AGENCY Holland Advertising, New York ACd Chris Watson AD Con Williamson CW Michelle Novella PRODUCERS Merri Merberg & Lilly LaBonge, Farmland Studios DIRECTOR Jeff Gorman, Farmland Studios EDITOR Beth Cramer, Red Car

It's a Sony Nudeman. Tomandandy's music is so engrossing on a Sony Discman that a guy on the subway doesn't notice his pocket is being picked. Nor does he feel his necklace being ripped off, or his shirt, pants and boxers. But when the nimble thief goes for the headphones, the kid comes alive and beats the crap out of him. Now that his tunes are safe, though, he still doesn't know he's nude.

CLIENT Sony AGENCY Young & Rubicam/NY ECD Gary Conway CD/AD Nelson Martinez CD/CW Randy Van Kleeck PRODUCERS Sande Breakstone & Josh Rubinowitz, Y&R; George Fares, Epoch DIRECTOR Jeff Preiss, Epoch EDITOR Michael Saia, Jump Edit MUSIC Andy Milburn (CD), Scott Brittingham (producer) & Drazen Bosnjak (composer), Tomandandy

A brekfast with impact. As an Armageddon-type comet hurtles toward our planet, a couple ponders how to spend their last 18 minutes on Earth. "I've always wanted to try a Dunkin' Donuts breakfast sandwich," the husband says. So off they go. Brilliant casting and great direction make this spot a winner.

CLIENT Dunkin' Donuts AGENCY Hill, Holliday/Boston CDS Mike Sheehan & Dave Gardiner AD Chris Poulin CW George Goetz PRODUCER Tom Foley DIRECTOR Bruce Hurwitz

Having a gas in L.A. Team One advertising combines L.A. culture and well, L.A. culture, in a striking poster for the Los Angeles Dance Invitational. The event raises money for the L.A. Gay and Lesbian Youth Services programs.

CLIENT Los Angeles Dance Invitational AGENCY Team One, El Segundo ACD Matthew Bogen AD Robert Prins PHOTOGRAPHER William HawkEs

The voice of a new generation. Little Hallie Eisenberg, who made heads turn when the voice of Joe Pesci came out of her mouth in an earlier spot, appears thrice-possessed in Pepsi's new "Joy of Cola" campaign. In the best of the three lip-syncers, she gets a Coke in a pizza parlor after specifically asking for a Pepsi. She takes a sip, the violin music comes up, and from out of her mouth is the voice of Don Corleone. The entire place is paralyzed by fear, when a busboy pops his bubble gum. Then everyone hits the floor.

CLIENT Pepsi AGENCY BBDO/NY CCO Ted Sann ECD/CW Michael Patti SCD/AD Don Schneider PRODUCER Maria Amato DIRECTOR Joe Pytka EDITOR Sherri Margulies, crew

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