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Unabashedly derivative of the stop-motion silliness of "Action League Now!" on Nickelodeon's animation show KaBlam is Dr. Cravin, the Domino's pizza fiend, seen in two new spots from Campbell Mithun Esty. (The spots air on KaBlam, logically enough.) Cravin is a small but highly motivated evil action figure who is out to steal Domino's pizza as it's being delivered. Unfortunately for the bad doctor, things don't work his way. He winds up decapitated in one spot and wallowing with swine in another.

CLIENT Domino's Pizza AGENCY Campbell Mithun Esty, Minneapolis ECD John Hurst CD Rob Wallace AD Darryl Kluskowski CW Trent Farr PRODUCER Debra Lustig DIRECTORS Darryl Kluskowski & Trent Farr PROD COMPANY Johnson Burnett, Los Angeles EDITOR Charley SchwaRtz, Fischer Edit, Minneapolis

And the bag of peanuts turns to Jif. Three retro-designed posters from Cole & Weber for Seattle's Museum of Flight make looking at old planes sound exciting and fun. One poster, touting the Air Force One exhibit, asks the question, "If the red phone rings while the president is in the bathroom, should you answer it?"

CLIENT The Museum of Flight AGENCY Cole & Weber, Seattle CD Ron Klein AD Steve Rudasics CW Kevin Jones PRODUCER Steve White PHOTOGRAPHER Steve Rudasics ("Aerocar" & "Blackbird") ILLUSTRATOR Fred G. Johnson ("Aerocar")

Great news for Brit-bashing cigar smokers: Balmoral cigars, positioned as "The Royal Stash," since they were allegedly once the exclusive province of royalty, are now available to serfs, plebeians and even Americans! Another headline in this poster series reads: "Once again, the British claim something that's not theirs. Typical."

CLIENT Balmoral Cigars AGENCY The Focus Agency, Dallas ECD Tom Moudry AD Olga Arseniev CW Molly McLaren PRODUCER Melissa Odum PHOTOGRAPHER Jeff Stevens

How cool is Cool from Nestea? In the action-packed "Rebel," the bad guys are tracking our hero through the jungle via a helicopter-mounted bodyheat sensor, but not to worry, he chugs a can of Nestea Cool and simply drops off the sensor's screen. In "Kwiki-Mart" we watch as a rotund skeleton enters the store, gulps down some Nestea and fills out into an evil-looking snowman. Then he grabs a carrot and shoves it into his face. This frosty has 'tude man, he didn't pay for anything.

CLIENT Cool from Nestea AGENCY Fallon McElligott, Minneapolis CD Dion Hughes AD Bobby Appleby CW Rob McPherson AGENCY PRODUCERS Rob Van ("Kwiki-Mart") Jen Dennis ("Rebel") DIRECTORS Dave Borthwick, Bolexbrothers, London ("Kwiki-Mart") & Jhoan Camitz, Modfilm & Co, Stockholm ("Rebel") EDITORS Rick Waller, Red Square, London ("Rebel") Dave Borthwick, Bolexbrothers, London & Warren Menelly, Rushes, London ("Kwiki-Mart") MUSIC Wise Buddah ("Rebel") SOUND DESIGNERS James Mather, Sound Byte, Bristol ("Kwiki-Mart") Janus Bokalders, EMI Houseworks, Stockholm ("Rebel")

Illinova Power juxtaposes a bridal boutique and a divorce lawyer's office, headlined, "According to most energy companies, these two businesses are the same." Illinova is one energy partner that will tailor solutions to your individual energy needs, the fine print explains. Another ad shows an ice cream shop and a weight loss clinic. What, haven't they ever heard of binging and purging?

CLIENT Illinova AGENCY McConnaughy Stein Schmidt Brown, chicago CDs Tom

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