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Aldus Huxley would be proud. Welcome to, "Your friendly full-service integrated online community." It's a vast chat room and dating service and one hell of an invitingly scary place. Our narrator, a woman with a voice that is at once sexy and faintly threatening, tells us all about what's going on at The Globe, which is represented by a spinning silver sphere that looks like a futuristic jail cell. We don't know if it's Club Med or Jonestown, but we like it.

CLIENT AGENCY Kirshenbaum Bond & Partners, New York CCO Richard Kirshenbaum CD Brendan Donovan AD Tom Kuntz CW Mike Maguire PRODucer Kate Ayrton COORD PROD Maureen Timpa, Imaginary Forces, Los Angeles EDITOR Scott Canning, Imaginary Forces DESIGNERS Karen Fong, Adam Bluming, Imaginary Forces SOUND Nick Amour, Amber, New York

That's "silky," not "silicone." Toronto's Taxi introduces a Canadian cinema spot featuring a fleeing robber, a high-speed car chase and the woman who stops the car with her Wonderbra-enhanced . . . legs? Taxi art director Benjamin Vendramin acknowledges the confusion. "In Canada, Wonderbra's Silky Resistance pantyhose is more familiar, whereas elsewhere it's mainly bras. You really have to read the super."

CLIENT Wonderbra Hosiery AGENCY Taxi Advertising CD Paul Lavoie AD Benjamin Vendramin CW Stephanie Weiner DIRECTOR Mark Mowad PROD COMPANY Navigator Films

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