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A clever new POP campaign from Kohnke Hanneken points out the literary merits of comic books, from the philosophic musings of the Silver Surfer to the twisted verbal genius of Dr. Doom (maybe his Doctorate is in literature). Despite the Cliff Notes visual, Capital City Comics still knows who their target is. After all, the Silver Surfer piece points out, "Earth women are easily impressed by pseudo-intellectual ramblings." The dissertation on The Mighty Thor, seen here, points out that "Whoom!" is "derived from the latin whoomus, meaning 'an impact that reduces onlookers to a mute, uncomprehending awe.' "

CLIENT Capital City Comics AGENCY Kohnke Hanneken, Milwaukee AD Rich Kohnke CW Rob Franks ORIGINAL DIALOGUE AND ART Stan Lee & Jack Kirby

Worship not false idols...but how about cheap Beer Gods? Beer God stone statue that move once and say funny things about J.W. Dundee's Honey Brown Lager. Beer God speak with no articles. Beer God make threats, like if not believe in Beer God, water heater explode and tree fall. Beer God sound like he from Brooklyn.

CLIENT Genesee Brewing Co. AGENCY Ground Zero, Santa Monica CDS Court Crandall & Kirk Souder ADS Gavin Milner & Kirk Souder CWS Alec Beckett & Court Crandall

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