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His foot is as big as this sentence. In a spot so cheap it might have been paid for with deposit bottles, Houston Helm & Co., Los Angeles, matches a Kirin beer against a vintage '60s Godzilla action figure as part of Kirin's Godzilla tie-in with TriStar Pictures. Shot on director Brian Belefant's 50-year-old hand-cranked Bolex, the bottle loses, but it puts up a pretty good fight. The commercial airs in West Coast markets only.

CLIENT Kirin AGENCY Houston Helm & Co. CD Dan Mountain AD Dave Gassman CW Jeff Jenks PRODUCER Jeff Yee DIRECTOR Brian Belfant PROD COMPANY Wild Life Management EDITOR Gavin Tatro SOUND Brian Banks DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY Kevin Ward

It's a beautiful day on the mountain, the snow is glistening, snowboarders are snowboarding, when suddenly a six-foot rabbit with huge fangs comes trudging along in search of blood. Monty Python? No, Hammerquist Saffel & Halverson making fun of the war between skiers and boarders. One of the boarders knocks the bunny down and he is revealed, Scooby-Doo style, to be old Mr. Jenkins, who runs the ski resort. He would have gotten away with it too, "if it weren't for you meddling kids!"

CLIENT Sims Snowboards AGENCY Hammerquist Saffel & Halverson, Seattle CDs Fred Hammerquist & Hugh Saffel ADs Matt Peterson & Mike Proctor CWs Ian Cohen & Grant Holland PRODUCER Mat Lundberg DIRECTOR David Frankham PROD COMPANY Valiant Pictures EDITOR Matt Chesse, US2 Editorial SOUND NOISE, San Francisco

"I'd like Park Place and biscuits with gravy please." Maybe it's just us, but this campaign smacks of a Monopoly board. West & Vaughan sells Biscuitville as a down home joint that serves "southern food fast (not fast food), without all the hoopla." And with "value meals" from $2.59, who cares if the chef has no face?

CLIENT Biscuitville AGENCY West & Vaughan, Raleigh/Durham, N.C. CCO Bill West CD/AD Robert Shaw West AD Rob Baird CW Francis George ILLustrator Jason Schulte,

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