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Very nice. Ultra-simple ways to tell me a cellular phone beats the hassles of finding a public phone that actually works and is convenient. That's a near impossibility.



These spots are sick. But I mean that in a good way. Mr. Bill is reincarnated as Gary Garlic and battered, beaten and blended to demonstrate that Round Table uses special ingredients to give you "unique pizzas you can't get anywhere else." I believe it. I just hope poor Gary doesn't have to deal with this in the next campaign.

Agency Butler, Shine & Stern

Director Tom DeCerchio, Nitro Films


These spots have people talking. At our agency, and at my house. My wife asked me what they mean. My 17-year-old son and his buddies (to whom I presume they are directed) told me they think the spots are "stupid." (They aren't the most sensitive guys in the world). I don't know. I really like them. They grab me. They're fresh, fun, visually exciting and they make me feel good about wearing khakis. What more can you ask?

Agency In-house

Directors Jonas & Josh Pate, Villains ("Rock"); Roman Coppola, Directors Bureau ("Groove"); Matthew Rolston, Venus ("Swing")


This is a bad commercial. Bad script. Bad dialogue. Bad "acting," if that's what you call it. A bad tag line. Cheesy effects. An incomprehensible "plot." No idea. On the other hand, you do have super models taking off their clothes . . . naw, even that can't save this one.

Agency In-house

Director Jeff Madoff, Madoff Productions


I didn't want to like these ads, but I found that I kept coming back to them. There's a real truth in the idea that once people leave the office they turn into totally different "creatures of the night," at least from the stories I've heard around our agency. Using a bat in the signature ties that together nicely. But after reading the press release explaining the bat's historical connection to Bacardi, I wonder if there might be a better idea hiding in there somewhere.

Agency Ammirati Puris Lintas


I have never been very good at making paper airplanes and have always been in awe of people who make the ones that look and fly like the space shuttle. Emotionally, maybe that's why I like this ad. A good ad engages the reader and makes him participate in the message. This one did it for me. Yes, it's a cliche, but this ad really conveyed the feeling that this car can . . . well, you know.

Agency Team One


In this category, it's hard to top Chiat/Day's classic Nynex campaign, but this is a good one. I like the idea and the attitude of this campaign. "Life. Listed Alphabetically," is a new way to look at those old Yellow Pages. The headlines challenge me to reconsider my poor dull life. They make me smile too. Problem/Solution for the new millennium. One question: Is there a rule that says every Yellow Pages ad ever done has to be yellow and black?

Agency Arnold Communications

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