22,000 Haddaway Fans Must Be Wrong

Early 90s Dance Hit Cashes in After Super Bowl

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According to eNews 2.0, the Super Bowl didn't just raise the fortunes of the New York Giants and Tom Petty. Haddaway's 1993 hit "What Is Love," featured in the star-studded Diet Pepsi Max ad, somehow racked up a 200% sales increase for digital downloads in the week after the game. Yes, 22,000 people couldn't get enough of this song. And Songs for Soap would like to stay far away from those people for the rest of our lives.

Less surprising is the success of Kina Grannis, the previously unsigned (now on Interscope) musician who won the Doritos Crash the Superbowl contest with her song "Message From Your Heart." She racked up 15,000 downloads that week.

[Via eNews 2.0]

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