50 Cent Still 'Just a Lil Bit' Angry at Taco Bell

Rapper Proceeds With $4 Million Lawsuit

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Remember that 50 Cent lawsuit we mentioned eons back? It's for real. According to Ad Age reporter Emily Bryson York, Curtis Jackson is looking for $4 million dollars from Taco Bell for "trademark dilution, false designation of sponsorship, unjust enrichment and a violation of his civil rights, among other claims."
"It's publicity they couldn't have gotten, because he would very likely not have agreed to endorse it even if they paid him," said Mr. Jackson's lawyer, Peter D. Raymond of Reed Smith. "He doesn't tend to endorse those kinds of things, low-end fast food."

The rapper has, for instance, endorsed Hillary Clinton and VitaminWater.

Mr. Raymond added that his client has been blasted in a number of blogs for "selling out" following Taco Bell's letter. "There's a great deal of consumer confusion," he said.
Considering the relatively paltry sum to both parties and the fact that some bloggers did indeed believe this was a joint publicity stunt, Fiddy's suit doesn't seem entirely unreasonable to us. If nothing else, this sorry episode will be a good lesson to PR reps that not every music artist is dying for your marketing dollars and it takes a helluva lot more than a cheeky release to form a meaningful partnership.

Oh, and dangling philanthropy usually casts a shadow of blackmail.

[Via Ad Age]
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