A Children's Treasury of 'How It Will End' in Commercials

Devotchka's Signature Song Reappears in the Most Unexpected Places

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"Little Miss Sunshine" haters be damned, we've liked Devotchka since our college years. Why? Indie pop/rock is sore lacking in the Mariachi department, and we're suckers for strings. But we're in good company, because music supervisors like them too -- even if the new album hasn't quite caught on with them yet -- and there's one song in particular that comes up time and again in TV commercials

The song "How It Will End" first appeared in 2004, but since then it's been like lovable Cousin Eddie, always showing up unannounced and in the most awkward circumstances.

Above is the latest example, from "Gears of War 2" for the Xbox 360, which follows the now-familiar pattern of using dramatic music for ironic effect in an unapologetically violent video game. We love it, and in the whole bunch here, it's actually contextually relevant to the lyrics.

Here's an example from overseas for (what we've gathered) is the GDF Suez company, which provides natural gas in France.

This entry for Toyota Prius wins for most beautiful visuals, but those of us who know the words are thinking, "You already know how this will end? What's gonna happen to the people in the car!? Quick guys, get out, I've got a bad feeling about this ride through the mountains, and there's gotta be a good reason they're playing this song right now and I don't think this is gonna be an emotional trip like 'Little Miss Sunshine' cause we're all bros and!" Phew. The commercial's over.

This ad was quite a bit cuter, but, like the last one, made us scared for this little child.

This spot is for an Italian department store called Upim, where deranged little Italian boys do their own laundry instead of throwing rocks at girls.

This trailer for "Everything Is Illuminated" makes good use of this tune as the emotional gear-switch from cute/quirky to "transformative life experience" (See: "Little Miss Sunshine") coupled with "inevitable disappointment" and a little "Wait, what happened in the last scene? How did this movie end, I don't get it."
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