Now a Convicted Felon, Rapper T.I. Loses GM Sponsorship Deal

Atlanta Hip-Hop Artists Says He's Lost Out on $10-12M in Sponsorship, Other Ventures

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Last October, T.I. literally machine-gunned his career when he attempted to purchase three of the firearms and a pair of silencers from a Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco Firearms and Explosives informant. He eventually pleaded guilty to felony charges, and General Motors has up until now been equivocal about the future of a sponsorship deal he began in late 2006 to promote Chevy vehicles -- most notably the Impala SS.

Now, in his first interview after his convictions, the Atlanta rapper revealed to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that he's lost his sponsorship deal with Chevrolet and plenty others.
Q. Last business thing —- have you lost business since the arrest?

A. Of course. You can't be expected to take advantage of all of the opportunities that are there for you if you can't even leave your house.

Q. You had a very prominent car endorsement deal.

A. Sure. GM.

Q. Is that still in effect?

A. Nah. GM had to back up off of me. There are films that I missed out on. Not speaking of, of course, shows. Tours. Tons of business. I've probably lost about $10 to $12 million dollars.

Q. And you smile after saying that.

A. [Laughs harder] Sometimes you laugh to keep from crying. But you know, I'm blessed to be able to be out here to make $10 to $12 [million] more. Especially considering I brought this all on myself. So you know —- minimal injury. Maximum lesson learned.
According to Wooohah! T.I. has probably lost out on a lucrative production deal with New Line Cinema and a leading role alongside Danny Glover in the upcoming film "Once Was Lost." However he's been working on his sixth album "Paper Trail" while under house arrest, and it's expected to drop this September.

[AJC via Wooohah!]
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