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Hot Chip Sparks Up New Swedish Volvo Spot

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Artist: Hot Chip
Song: "The Beach Party"
Marketer: Volvo
Agency: Forsman and Bodenfors, Stockholm
Purchase: Hot Chip - Coming On Strong - The Beach Party
Hot Chip may have a highly anticipated album sitting in the can ("Made in the Dark," out Feb. 24, 2008), but for this chummy Volvo spot, Forsman and Bodenfors looked back to the English group's debut. "The Beach Party" -- from 2004's excellent "Coming on Strong" -- is the type of smoky, neon-lit dance track that the British electronic-pop bands specializes in, and it fits the sharp, sleek vibe of this V70 commercial.

Over scenes of people sleeping, hugging, moving-in, playing, etc., Hot Chip dangles what sound like car keys for rhythmic drive as they boldly declare: "Don't want all this cold cold shit / throw off your shirt and let's get hot hot hot." It's a line that would be jarring to American audiences, but unfortunately (or fortunately?) this ad will only be seen in Sweden. On paper, the words probably sound salacious and gratuitous, but coming from dual vocalists Alexis Taylor and Joe Goddard, you may not even notice them. Because, just as the montage of people's interactions comes with a stylized detachment, so does this song about partying, which is delivered with the enthusiasm and the confidence of a night club bouncer.

But the subtlety works, and Hot Chip's song plays beautifully into the sense of hip togetherness this spot is meant to evoke. It's sexy in a non-threatening way, a virtue that I'm sure Volvo would like to drive off with.
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