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Taco Bell's 'Feed the Beat' Competition Announces Winners

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According to Pitchfork, Taco Bell's second annual "Feed the Beat" competition has awarded prizes to indie favorites such as Girl Talk, Ted Leo and the Pharmacists, Enon, Blitzen Trapper and Panthers. Oh, but they won't be paid in U.S. currency ... per se ... more like $500 in Taco Bell Bucks for each band, which should cover all of those "fourth meals" that ostensibly occur between dinner and breakfast.

Restricted to "alternative or indie rock bands," the contest required musicians to visit a TB website and simply explain how Chalupas help them get their under-the-radar rock on.

In a press release when the contest was launched in August, Bob Fulmer, interim chief marketing officer, said, "What's great about Feed the Beat is there is no catch. No stickers on guitars, no need to become a Taco Bell talking head, we are simply feeding bands free Fourthmeal and supporting indie music."

I just hope that none of the 25 winning bands make any hazy tour bus diversions "south of the border" hoping to cash in their winnings for pesos at the new Taco Bell in Mexico.

Update: Apparently Ted Leo had not entered the contest himself, and some fan or unknown third party submitted the application posing as him. As a PETA spokeman and vegan, Ted would not have much to eat there, I imagine, and he was pretty angry about the whole thing. Here's a full list (un-corrected, with Ted still in there; his name is being removed from contest materials) of winners.
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