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Vera Wang Has Arrived at Kohl's. Don't Be Afraid.

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Did I dream of such luxurious fashion? Or was it just Vera Wang, calling my name from some distant hamlet: "MariaCarla Boscono! Come purchase my discount line at Kohl's!" But no! That couldn't be, could it?

Once just as unlikely as a Stooges reunion, Kohl's has rolled out an affordable line of everyday clothes by Vera Wang, a designer known for her lavish wedding dresses. The collection, Simply Vera, is being referred to as "masstige," as in mass market + prestige. Cute, huh? The deal, first announced last year, has finally come to fruition, and, if it seems a little surreal, you can thank Iggy Pop.

His song "The Passenger" decorates this college-film-school-thesis-slash-commercial, where Boscono, an Italian model, is chased down haunted forests by beautiful women clad in Wang's blue-collar duds. Frightening, indeed, especially when the Kabuki-like models pose in the garden maze in affected poses while our heroine runs for her life through some questionable editing work.

It's not the first time this song has been used in a commercial. In 1998, it was released as a single for the first time and climbed the U.K. charts (it originally appeared on Iggy's Lust for Life in 1977) after it appeared in a Toyota Avensis commercial.

And it was a natural fit, as Iggy himself wrote it while riding down Berlin's S-Bahn. But here it feels claustrophobic and confusing; are we being told how dreadful it is to be held captive to the whims of fashion and that Vera Wang can make it all seem like a dream? Maybe we're just supposed to flip off the TV and get shopping.
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