A Touch of Feminine Hygenius

Aussie Marketer Wants to Show Tampons Are as Fun as 'Guitar Hero'

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What do you get when you mix "Guitar Hero" and tampons? If you answered Alice Cooper's "Only Women Bleed," you are very very very wrong.

We're not sure how many highballs it took to connect the dots between feminine hygiene products and an attractive young lady ripping on a Les Paul on a rooftop, but here it is. To promote its Patterns line of women's products, the Australian marketer Libra shot this ad with a woman playing guitar riffs as the familiar video-game icons float across the sky. Except, of course, those aren't the same icons, they're the simple designs spread across the packaging of Libra's Patterns line.

We have no idea who this lady is, but visitors that check out the Libragirl portal will find tracks by rock bands including Aussie girl rockers like The Veronicas, Kate Alexa and Claire Clarke. We like rock 'n roll as a source of female empowerment, but doesn't such a contrived packaging gimmick like this play into stereotypes about the frivolity of those same young girls?

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