Absolut World is McWorld for Grown-Ups

Vodka Maker Creates Music Machines for Campaign

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The "Absolut World" campaign is pretty much what happened when none of the crazy crap in the McWorld ads came true. We didn't get to drive monster trucks to school, but, with a little booze, we made them Porsche taxis!

And since obviously no one invented a chemistry set to fix the ozone layer, we can at least use nerds to get a musical instrument to play itself in an Absolut World, right? Along with TBWA/Chiat/Day, the vodka brand has created two different Absolut Machines that nearly play themselves. The first, "Absolute Quartet," is a byzantine contraption thats only function is to play a song on marimbas.

From Make Magazine:
I met up with Dan Paluska (the other maker is Jeff Lieberman) - they have created the "ABSOLUT QUARTET," an "automated multi-instrumental orchestral machine, a large-scale electromechanical sculpture consisting of three instruments and thousands of parts, working together to create one piece of music. The main timbre is a marimba played by balls shot from a robotic cannon. Other components include a series of wineglasses played by little robotic fingers and an array of robotic percussive instruments."

Absolut also created the "Absolut Choir," essentially a piece of software that lets one type in words -- I tried my name and some paragraphs from the New Yorker -- that are handed off to a digital chorus, which weaves them into pitches and textures. Not as much fun to look at as the quartet, but Absolut has an installation space here in New York at 186 Orchard St. where one can watch the sounds projected from fancifully sculpted speakers representing the choir. The "Absolute Quartet" is also on display, but all the Machines can be watched online through a wonderful Windows-3.1-looking interface.

[Via The Daily Swarm/Make Magazine]
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