An Artifact From MTV's Product Placement Stone Age

Hair Metallers Autograph Set the Bar With 1984 Paper Mate-Sponsored Video

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If I've said it once, I've said it a million times: if you're watching a metal video where dudes are filling out paperwork for the fist 45 seconds, there's mischief afoot. In a blog post yesterday, Jon Fine (of BusinessWeek, formerly of Ad Age) dredged up the forgotten history of hair metal band Autograph and its pioneering product placement during MTV's wee years.

In 1984, the cash-strapped band was looking to break out in a big way, and their manager suggested that they could get a pen sponsor. Paper Mate was only too happy to foot the bill for a video if Autograph incorporated a then-fancy erasable pen into it, and so they signed up. While we're now used to HP flashing its wares all over Black Eyed Peas videos (and vice versa), this Autograph video for the song "Turn Up The Radio" is like a cave drawing of today's much more sophisticated product-smooching videos.

[BusinessWeek via Idolator]

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