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Some Aspects of 'Classic Rock' Don't Need Reviving

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In spite of the band's inexplicable popularity, Songs for Soap continues to take a principled stand against the nostalgia-drunk jock-rock made by Jet. But for those who aren't convinced, please check out this new ad for the Australian radio station network Triple M, which depicts an unintentional game of Jet karaoke played by a dim-witted weather girl.
So entranced by the group's 2004 single "Cold Hard Bitch" (jeez, get over it guys! This awful mess is four years old already), a producer accidentally types some of the lyrics into the teleprompter:
She was shakin' her hips
And I that was all that I need
I'm waiting give me
Cold hard bitch
Just a kiss on the lips
And I was on my knees
It's like I always say: "There's nothing funnier than the boorish objectification of women as when it comes from their own lips!" Hence, our disdain for this band and this ad: it's social/sexual regression disguised as "rock revival" and sold to us as innocent rebellion. Why does Jet keep landing in commercials, and -- better yet -- how did it ever leave the runway?

Besides, this gag was done much better in "Anchorman," (link NSFW) and to much more charming ends.

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