Ba-Da Bling Lottery Ad Hits Bum Note

New York Lottery Promotion Gets a Bad Rap From Consumers

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The latest ad from the New York Lottery for its Ba-Da Bling promotion are hitting some bum notes with consumers, if the postings on YouTube and numerous ad critique sites are anything to go by.

The ad's soundtrack is a "rap" version of Duke Ellington's 1932 swing classic "It Don't Mean a Thing," and it features some mean-looking bling-covered "boys from the hood" dancing with what looks like some extras from "The Sopranos." This apparent stereotyping of rap/hip-hop and mafioso characters has provoked significant negative feedback in the YouTube comments and a backlash from some consumers who object to the "butchering" of the Duke Ellington classic.

To quote from one of the posters on the Commercials I Hate forum:
"This is ugly, disturbing and offensive on so many levels, not the least for taking a classic Duke Ellington tune and taking a huge musical dump all over it."
Whilst I wouldn't be quite as vociferous in my criticism, I would remind you that the main line from the Duke Ellington hit was "It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing" ... and this ad certainly ain't got much swing.

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