Baby It's Cold Outside

Old Navy Wraps Us Up in a Sweater

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This Old Navy ad is not artsy, fussy, hucksterish or insincere. There's no pretense of coolness, no cheap displays of nostalgia and no downbeat house music and sleek, shiny cars driving down tunnels at night. It's just simple, elegant and pretty; exactly how one should sell sweaters.

The song is "The Way I Am" by Ingrid Michaelson, a neat little gem of jazzy acoustic folk-pop anchored by an upright bass, a pair of bongos and a pair of hands clapping. With her warm, glossy voice, Michaelson wraps a Fair Isle sweater around love and warms it up with some unforgettable, shower-ready harmonies. Please, just try to hold back that itching little smile when you see it the first time.

This licensed tune -- not to mention a trio of her songs featured on "Grey's Anatomy" -- is sure to push some copies of her self-released 2007 album Girls and Boys out the door. If only Old Navy were to sell the album in stores, there could be some sweaters in the bag too.
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