Baby, It's Lukewarm Outside

Gap Rolls Out 'Mix It' Holiday Campaign With Flo Rida, Trey Songz, Others

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I keep telling myself it's too soon, but people said the same thing about credit default swap jokes, right? It's not quite Thanksgiving yet, but Gap has unleashed a septet of holiday songs with perhaps the most ragtag assortment of celebrities, and they're inviting you to remix one of them on their site.

A video for the main track, a rendition of "Jingle Bells" penned by Flo Rida and Trey Songz, is already being pilloried in the blogosphere, but I guess our parents will have their say when they catch the extended spot in the store and movie theaters, which began yesterday. But we doubt Chuck and Dianne Moran will be much better at recognizing all the stars, which include Selma Blair, Rainn Wilson, Dixie Chicks, Sandra Bernhard, Janelle Monae, Napoleon Dynamite, Jason Biggs, Romany Malco and others.

What do we think? So nice of you to ask. We're a little torn, because, although we're definitely in the tank for Santa, it's 64 here in NYC today and we've got too much pumpkin butter to consume before we can really get into the holidays. But we expect to lamely, ashamedly enjoy "Baby It's Cold Outside" even though Selma Blair's singing it and even the Dixie Chicks/Bernhardt's stumbling, stuttering version of "Deck the Halls," which would embarrass even us if we performed it in that egg-noggy fashion at the Ad Age holiday party.
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