The Battle of the Band Brews

SFS Pits Dave Mustaine Against Billy Bob Thornton and Styx

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You'd think that Songs for Soap headquarters would be a must-stop on any band's media tour, but we have never been visited by any musicians. (Unbelievable, I know!) Craving more attention from the musical community, imagine our joy when we recently received coffee from three of our favorite bands -- Megadeth, Styx and Billy Bob Thornton's Boxmasters. OK, so it's not quite the same but we'll take whatever crumbs (or coffee grounds) given to us.

Now before you question the relationship between rock music and coffee, remember that Starbucks is/was a record label, not to mention they're closing 600 stores. Obviously, there's both a demand and a void -- we're just thrilled that these rock stars are here to fill it.

But we're not here to bore you with the marketing side of rock-star coffee -- we already covered that a couple of months ago. No, what you want to know is how does this stuff taste. On a scale of one to four coffee beans, here are the results of Songs for Soap's first-ever coffee tasting -- not to mention our first original video! Watch Charlie's video above and look out for some of your favorite Ad Age celebrities.

The Boxmasters

Roaster: The Coffee Fool
Musical notes: Upbeat twang, dark lyrics, roots rock and "electric hillbilly," in the words of lead singer Billy Bob Thornton
Tasting notes: Chewy and thick with a hint of smoke and berries
Lyric that explains why this band really needs a cup of coffee: "The original mixed up kid. Sleeps with the ladies all night, home by the morning light." -- "The Original Mixed Up Kid" from the album "The Boxmasters," 2008
Who might enjoy this: Arkansas natives; two-steppers; tortured writers; people with two first names; and fans of late-night breakfast after a night out in a honky-tonk.
Who benefits: Hollywood -- if Billy Bob Thornton is well caffeinated, perhaps he'll write another brilliant screenplay such as "Sling Blade."


Roaster: The Coffee Fool
Musical notes: Slick production values, harmonic voices and, of course, robots
Tasting notes: Thin, a little old, and bitter
Lyric that explains why this band really needs a cup of coffee: "If it takes all night to just be who I am, then I'm going to be a Blue Collar Man." -- "Blue Collar Man (Long Nights)," from the album "Pieces of Eight," 1978
Who might enjoy this: Anyone born before 1965 who thinks that Kansas should also have a branded coffee. (Not the state, silly, the band.)
Who benefits: Styx fans who'll get to try some when the band hits the road this summer. Also aficionados of Japan, paradise or sailboats.

Dave Mustaine of Megadeth

Musical notes: Layered guitars, fast-paced complex rhythms, intricate storytelling and ear-piercing volume
Tasting notes: Sweet, full, creamy and smooth with hints of raisins and chocolate
Lyric that explains why this band really needs a cup of coffee: "Dirt roads to interstates, I must have drove them all. Cigarettes and burgers, caffeine and alcohol. Drive until daybreak, always on the go. Life on the freeway, night shift till dawn patrol." -- "502" from the album "So Far, So Good...So What!" 1988
Who might enjoy this: People who think Metallica has gone downhill ever since Mustaine got kicked out of the band; those who find head banging is greatly improved after consuming caffeine; dark coffee lovers and supporters of free-trade beans.
Who benefits: Mustaine -- because I liked his coffee enough to give his music a listen. And orphans as Legends Cup Coffee gives support to the Door of Faith Orphanage in Baja California, Mexico.

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Lisa Fain is Ad Age's assistant managing editor and the proprietor of the Homesick Texan food blog. She frequently makes food for us, and it's always awesome.
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