Blige Happy to Let General Motors Have All the Drama

Grammy Ad Featuring New Single From R&B Singer Threatens With Contentment

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Artist: Mary J. Blige
Song: "Just Fine"
Marketer: Chevrolet
"Just Fine" is pretty much how Songs for Soap feels about Mary J. Blige's latest album, Growing Pains. But, with the increasingly joyful perspective of the much-lauded R&B singer, advertisers like Apple and General Motors are feeling much less ambivalent.

In Chevy's ad during the Grammys -- part of an extensive eco-blitz -- she spins around to the aforementioned song, dressed in the same Burgundy shade as the 2008 Malibu. It strikes a semi-alarming parallel between the singer and the car, but what's more confusing is how they picked a song about being content with life, which is pretty much the antithesis of Blige's career and probably not a great way to get someone excited about buying a car.

Between the awful Grammy ratings and a $38.7 billion bath, General Motors might have more drama than she does these days.

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