When Branded Entertainment Goes Horribly Wrong

Heidi and Seal Ruin a Perfectly Bad Song

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Watching Seal and Heidi Klum sing together during last night's Victoria's Secret fashion show reminds me of Linda McCartney's performances in Wings: amazingly bad. Just when I thought I'd have to endure another turgid Seal ballad, Heidi appears holding a mic and threatening to make the worst out of a bad situation. Luckily, someone was smart enough to double up her vocals with a mystery person (a Spice Girl?) and turn her down so far in the mix that she was mostly drowned out by Seal's sparkly leisure suit.

Skip forward to the 2:16 mark (or the last :27) to really hear what she can ruin.

Hopefully, the two of them were nice enough to the sound crew so an isolated Heidi sound mix doesn't turn up like Linda's did in 1989. What do you call a dog with Wings again?
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