Branded Records Come Full Circle

A Look at the Glory Days When Dry Cleaner Chains Made Music

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Music to Recline By
It's been a busy week, but we're taking a break to bring you an important piece of news: some of the most mundane products in the world once had their own branded records.

As part of Nick DiFonzo's enormous library of novelty and just plain unfortunate records at, he's assembled a gallery of branded album covers from the likes of Shakey's Pizza to Owens Yacht dealers. If you still think it's strange when Coca-Cola or Procter & Gamble release music under their own name, check out the cover for Gold Bond's "Sound Off... Softly" album promoting their -- ostensibly sound-dampening -- ceiling tiles. Or "Music to Recline By," sponsored by furniture maker Berkline and featuring Richard Maltby and His Orchestra. A few of them even have audio samples.

If this kind of stuff really get you juiced up, just start googling "RCA Custom Records," and you'll find untold wonders.


Thanks, Greg!

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