Just Don't Call Her 'the New Yael Naim'

H&M Spot Featuring Song by Keren Ann Makes Us Want to Listen to Velvet Underground, Roll Around in Sand

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The best/worst thing about this ad from H&M is that the visuals don't quite live up to the audio. We're all for svelte females mucking themselves up in sand in the name of fashion, but this little song really deserves better.

Artist: Keren Ann
Song: "Lay Your Head Down"
Marketer: H&M
Keren Ann - Keren Ann - Lay Your Head Down
The singer, Keren Ann, has yet to make much of a name for herself, but she sounds a bit like Patti Smith, and the chorus of "Lay Your Head Down" tugs at the heart strings like orphaned, three-legged brindle puppies. We don't tend to go for this sort of thing, but we love her understated production; it's hazy yet simple, and this song in particular summons up the Velvet Underground via handclaps and a stupidly simple guitar riff. Then there's her voice, which is just as smoky, and her gift for unusual syllabic emphasis conjures up a bit of Lou Reed and Joni Mitchell. Hence, we've been playing it over and over.

We're sorry to point out the obvious, but Ann was born in Israel and raised in Paris just like -- yes, we'll say it -- Yael Naim, and if Apple hasn't had enough of the folksy females, maybe we'll hear her in the iPhone G3 ads sure to come out soon.

H&M also cut a two-minute version of the spot, which serves as a sort of boring music video for a song that deserves five minutes of your time.

[Via Splendad]
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