Carrie Underwood Knows What's Really Important ... Low Prices

Target Carries Exclusive CD/DVD for New Album

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Artist: Carrie Underwood
Song: "So Small"
Marketer: Target
Purchase: Carrie Underwood - Carnival Ride - So Small
For this Target ad, country singer Carrie Underwood's single "So Small" takes on a whole new context from the original video and the religious undertones in the lyrics. Instead of a slow-mo car crash and an overwrought ballad about keeping it real, we're left here with Carrie just being pretty in a field full of Target-red butterflies as she skips to the chorus.

Maybe I'm alone on this, but this seems like an improvement -- although we all could have done without the diaphragm-busting solo at the end. The message is now concisely put: all we need is love. It's short and sweet, although obviously done better by others before (ahem.... The Beatles?).

Target is promoting "Carnival Ride," the new album from the top-selling Idol winner, with an exclusive CD/DVD package that includes interviews and four unplugged performances.
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