Just What Does Carrie Underwood Smell Like?

Clean Cotton, According to Yankee Candle

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"His masculinity, strong deep voice, and industry staying-power have made George Strait a favorite for years. It's natural, then, that the hearty scent of Yankee Candle's legendary new World Fragrance ... Siberian Silver Fir ... was America's choice for this country music legend."

Why didn't I think of that!? The copywriting magicians over at Yankee Candle have completely blown my olfactory and auditory senses with their latest promotion: 500 country fans voted on which scents "matched" their favorite performers. Carrie Underwood? Clean Cotton. Reba McEntire? Spiced Pumpkin. Keith Urban? Sparkling Cinnamon.

And you thought just Pitchfork made nonsensical, over-reaching musical allusions! But this exercise could have been even more fun had the public been more creative with its choices. One can almost feel the sweat gathering on the brow of the PR assistant charged with explaining why people seemed to think Toby Keith smelled like Hot Buttered Rum and why Sparkling Angel reminded them of Johnny Cash.
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