'Celebrity Apprentice' Tackles Jingles

Trump's Reality Show Pits Country Star Against Poker Star in Songwriting Contest

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Let me present two jingles put forth by contestants on "Celebrity Apprentice" this week. Exhibit A, by poker player Annie Duke:

And then there's Exhibit B, presented by actual musician Clint Black:

Clearly, the first should win, because it's ... um ... terrible and entirely forgettable? Yes, it did. The judges -- execs from Chicken of the Sea -- decided that country music was too limiting for their brand, which is questionable given the age and income range of its fans, and they were also worried that Black's jingle didn't pack in a message of convenience. But does it really matter if you hit all your bullet points if no one will ever remember your song? How about if we're all working to forget your song?

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