Chasing the Loan of Your Dreams

NAB's 'Climb Every Mountain' Spot

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That a bank can "help you achieve your dreams" is not a new pitch. Now that most interactions have been reduced to mouse clicks and choosing an on-screen language, financial institutions need a way to connect with their customers in a human way; hence the aspirational tones in ads for lenders, especially in the dicey sub-prime market. But few have taken this idea to such lofty heights before National Australia Bank's "Climb Every Mountain" spot.

For this lip-synced Sound of Music classic, Clemenger BBDO Melbourne farmed out the track to Nylon Studios, in Redfern, Sydney. Nylon injected bravura into the suburban scenes with singers from Opera Australia (who usually perform at the famous Sydney Opera House), including a four-part male chorus, three sopranos and two of their top tenor soloists.

As the circus of absurdity grows on-screen, the voices multiply. At first, they're just cheering the protagonist to survive the trip to his dingy office, but, before long, he's scaling what I have to assume are the Alps and forcing a sasquatch (or whatever the Austrian equivalent might be) to sing along with him. The closing tagline is "A little confidence goes a long way." So do a few opera singers, apparently.
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