Ciara Slings Patties at Rock n' Roll McDonald's

Singer Also Admits She's Kinda Never Had a Job

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This weekend, Ciara worked the drive-thru at Chicago's Rock N' Roll McDonald's (the same one immortalized in Wesley Willis's song of the same name) in order to celebrate the restaurant's 50th anniversary and also to flog some McSkillet Burritos. In addition to suggesting one down the breakfast sandwiches with a bit of Sprite, this hard-hitting interview with B96's Stylz and Roman really delivers the goods.

Of course, these dufuses are too busy asking her tough questions like "Are you cool with snow?" to hear her say, "This is my first time, kinda, having a job."

This October, she'll show off her latest "non-job" when she acts in "Mama, I Want to Sing!" alongside Patti LaBelle. Her third, as-yet-untitled album, is expected before the end of 2008.

Thanks, Greg!

[Via Concrete Loop]
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